South from Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Shore Road - Know End Point - Cows Mouth Cove - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Fleagarth Wood - Hollins Lane - Silverdale Road - Sharp's Lots - Pointer Wood - Woodwell Cliff - Woodwell - Bottoms Wood - Stankelt Road - Shore Road.

Notes. And now for something completely different, where have I heard that before? A walk in black and white, that was my intention as I set out along the Silverdale coast, I'm afraid by the time I reached Cows Mouth Cove monochrome had been replaced by a palate of colour, I never liked black and white that much anyway.

I left Silverdale via the beach striding out over a cliff top path, not quite striding, the narrow bits required quite a bit of teetering. Once at Cows Mouth Cove I headed to a wonderful scramble, the Jack's Rake of the Silverdale coast, shock, horror the base of the climb had been attacked by a digger. This is a route I first scrambled in my teens, and had long been in use before I appeared on the scene. Private, Keep Out notices forbid me entering the grounds of Gibraltar Farm, the only way to escape the Cows Mouth was across the muddy beach, which is all very well so long as the tide is out and the notorious Morecambe Bay quick sands haven't shifted inshore. A hundred yards of ankle deep mud later (it could be knee deep on a bad day) I scrambled up the cliffs to access Jack Scout via a stile supplied by the National Trust, back on solid ground I continued.

Through Jack Scout then around Jenny Brown's Point I strolled, passed the smelt mill chimney before turning inland, at the foot of Heald Brow a welcome finger-post invited me to Fleagarth Wood and Hollin's Lane amongst other places. I sauntered through Fleagarth Wood to access Hollin's Lane, turned right then left on reaching the Silverdale road. With tarmac under foot I wandered towards Silverdale, around two hundred yards dodging traffic followed before a welcome gate allowed me to enter Sharp's Lot, again courtesy of the National Trust. Through limestone grassland I wandered, passed coppice woodland and limestone pavements, a green trod guided me to Pointer Wood where I accessed the path to Woodwell Cliff. Once I'd descended to the spring and pool at Woodwell I entered Bottoms Wood, on I wandered, passed delightful cottages on a wonderful ancient path passing between dry stone walls, all too soon I emerged into Stankelt Road at the junction with Shore Road, a short walk down Shore Road took me back to the patiently waiting car.

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In monochrome, Arnside Park across Silverdale Bay.

Viewing Silverdale Cove backed by Arnside Knott.

Rounding Know End Point with wide vistas across the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Heathwaite and Arnside Knott seen from the edge of Silverdale Bay.

Testament to the prevailing winds, rather haunting trees at Know End Point.

The vast expanse of Morecambe Bay.

Approaching Cow Close Wood.

Views back along the cliff tops south of Silverdale, across the horizon Hampsfell above Grange over Sands with Arnside Park dark to the right.

Jack Scout across Cows Mouth Cove.

Cows Mouth backed by Cow Close Wood, seen from below the cliffs of Jack Scout.

Striding out through Jack Scout.

Autumn at Jenny Brown's Point.

Limestone pavements in Sharps Lots.

The pool at Woodwell....

....followed by the path through Bottoms Wood.

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