South from Natland.

Start. Natland.

Route. Natland - Cracalt House - Kendal/Lancaster Canal - Larkrigg Spring Wood - Sedgwick - Levens Park - Levens Bridge - Park Head - Force Lane - Nannypie Lane - Wilson Place - Kendal/Lancaster Canal - Cracalt House - Natland.

Notes. I'm full of man flu, rather than sit in the house feeling sorry for myself I jumped in the car and drove the meagre half mile to Natland. With no idea where I was heading it was a case of follow my rather runny nose, hope the fresh air will clear the head.

After leaving the car on the road opposite St Mark's School I headed across the village green to join the lane leading south out of the village, a short walk over tarmac followed before a finger-post on the right invited me to join a bridleway, I obliged, via fields and farm lanes I descended to the long bereft of water Kendal/Lancaster Canal. Canal tow path under foot I headed south, through woodland and pastures, under long abandoned bridges, across the aqueduct at Sedgwick before descending to the Hincaster Road, the road crossed the busy A590, the main route into the Lakes, so did I to enter Levens Park via the rear entrance. This was once the main access to the Elizabethan pile of Levens Hall, a wonderful avenue of ancient oaks, the original carriage way guided me the mile to Levens Bridge. If you wish to visit the hall and it's many attractions cross the busy road, if not follow me across the bridge to join the opposite bank of the River Kent.

Way-marked paths now guided me north out of the park into cow pastures, stiles aided my crossing of field boundaries, I stepped onto tarmac at Park Head, this is Force Lane carved in half by the builders of the A590, I turned right then let the narrow lane guide me to the river, a path passed under the A590 to join the other half of the lane, with the river to my right I wandered on. I ignored the road bridge over Force Gorge continuing on to Nannypie Lane the next junction on the right. Nannypie Lane ushered me to the foot-bridge at Wilson Place, I crossed to join the bridleway leading to Lankrigg. Once I'd traversed the field a narrow lane guided me into yet more pastures where a green trod led to the canal at the point I joined it earlier, all that remained, to re-trace my steps back to Natland.

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The lane leading to Cracalt House.

Vistas over the Kent Valley to a snow covered Scout Scar.

Larkrigg Hall Bridge looking north.

Moss coated boulders in Larkrigg Spring Wood.

Horse Park Bridge.

Sizergh Fell seen from the slopes of Wellheads Hill.

Looking north to the snow veneered hills of South Lakeland.

My guide through Levens Park.

Black Fallow Deer in Levens Park.

The twin arches of Levens Bridge the point I cross the River Kent.

The River Kent at Force Gorge.

High, dry and rather slender the foot-bridge at Wilson Place.

Strolling between hedge rows along the lane leading to Lankrigg.

Lankrigg Spring Wood as seen from near Lankrigg Hall Bridge.

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