Smearsett Scar and Feizor from Stainforth.

Start. Stainforth.

Route. Stainforth - Dog Hill Brow - Stainforth Bridge - Little Stainforth - Smearsett Scar - Feizor - Feizor Thwaite - Stockhouse - River Ribble - Stainforth Force - Stainforth Bridge - Dog Hill Brow - Stainforth.

Notes. I thought I'd start 2011 with a relatively easy wander, more or less, the pull up Smearsett Scar's a bit of a grunt but the views are terrific, well worth the effort. The rest of the walk, an easy ramble through limestone pastures high above the valleys of the rivers Ribble and Wenning, gifting me with stunning views to all points of the compass, another thing worth mentioning, there's a delightful tea shop at Feizor obviously passed en route.

From Stainforth I wandered north along the main valley road, after fifty yards the narrowest of single track lanes emerged from the left, this was my route. Dog Hill Brow an old monastic road plunges down to the River Ribble, spanning the river a delightful pack-horse bridge, I crossed then stepped into the fields to visit the nearly always busy Stainforth Force. Back on route I ascended to Little Stainforth where I entered the fields, a short climb saw me step into a high desolate valley dominated by the southern cliffs of Smearsett and Pot Scars. I ascended Smearsett Scar following a wall the route of least resistance, from the rock strewn summit the views were quite spectacular, I sat down to soak up the scenery that had just unfolded before me. Reluctantly leaving the summit I made my way north descending to gain access to a path leading from Hargreaver Bank to Feizor, I soon rounded the edge of the escarpment to find myself looking down on the delightful little farming community.

On leaving the village I followed the main bridleway heading over Feizor Thwaite, a finger-post pointed the way to Scar Top, at the first junction another finger-post invited me to Stockhouse or Buck Haw Brow, normally I would follow the latter, today a change was called for, Stockhouse here I come. Walking through limestone pastures I soon found myself descending to the valley floor entering Stockhouse by the rear entrance, a short walk between high limestone walls saw me step onto a tarmac lane, across the lane to my left a finger-post announced this was the Ribble Way and it was only 1¼ miles to Stainforth. I left Stockhouse following the banks of the River Ribble on what turned out to be a delightful walk back, again visiting Stainforth Force before stepping back onto Dog Hill Brow for the final pull up hill back to Stainforth.

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Seen from Stainforth Force, Stainforth Bridge spans the River Ribble, built in 1675 by Samuel Watson owner of Knights Stainforth Hall.

Little Stainforth.

On high ground looking to Pen-y-ghent across Ribblesdale.

Dominating the skyline to the southeast Attermire Scar and Warrendale Knotts.

To the east stretched across the skyline Fountains Fell.

My first view of Smearsett Scar with the flat top of Ingleborough to the right.

The high ground for today, yet to be climbed, Smearsett Scar, to the left Pot Scar off route today....

....also off route today the caterpillar like structure top left, The Celtic Wall possibly Celtic certainly pre Roman, ancient burial site or defensive structure who knows, it's worth taking a closer look if you're not intending coming this way again.

Big skies and stunning views over Warrendale Knotts, seen from near the summit of Smearsett Scar.

Wonderful views over a pristine Yorkshire landscape, with sunburst over Embsay Moor.

Seen from the rocky summit of Smearsett Scar mighty Ingleborough.

Far to the north in sunlight and shade Whernside the highest of Yorkshire's summits.

Viewing Pot Scar from the stoney summit of Smearsett Scar.

From the trig point breath-taking views to the south.

And again over Feizor Thwaite with Pendle Hill in Lancashire dominating the skyline.

Nestling in a hollow on the moors the small community of Feizor, a couple of farms, some private housing and a tea shop.

And it looks like the tea shop's about to get busy, walkers descend Feizor Thwaite.

Stunning views and moody skies, Pendle Hill with the hills of Bowland stretching across the skyline.

Endless views to the north with the hills of South Lakeland wreathed in a blanket of cloud, lets pretend we can see them.

Blue/grey on the horizon Pendle Hill now dominates the view to the south, as seen from Frizor Thwaite.

Above the valley of the River Ribble looking to Fountains Fell.

Cutting deep into Stainforth Scar the man made cliffs of the Stainforth Quarry.

Longcliffe in the shadow of Warrendale Knotts.

The footbridge at Longcliffe Place, the weir and bridge mark the start of a delightful ramble along the banks of the River Ribble.

My first photograph was taken here it seems appropriate that the final one should, that's a bit of a white lie. I mentioned it gets rather busy here well the place was heaving, almost every rambler in Yorkshire plus some hangers on, all sitting having lunch, the banks were lined with bright coloured gortex and the sound of conversation proving you can't be alone all the time, I took this shot this morning, hush keep it to yourself. One thing I omitted earlier, the bridge was gifted to the National Trust in 1931 in an attempt to preserve it.

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