Over Pavey Ark.

Start. National Trust car park, Stickle Barn.

Route. Stickle Barn - Stickle Ghyll - Tarn Crag - Stickle Tarn - Easy Gully - Pavey Ark - Langdale Pikes - Mark Gate - Gungeon Ghyll - Stickle Barn.

Notes. A request, my darling daughter finds the need to learn to navigate, "basic map and compass skills will suffice", she says, a wander through the fields around Kendal wasn't good enough, a trip over the Langdale Pikes was required. I sniggered to myself, walking with Kirsten's like walking with commentary, at least if she was trudging up hill the need to take deep breaths may stop the constant waffle, I agreed and let her plan the route, a magical mystery tour.

On a compass bearing we left the National Trust car park at Stickle Barn, strange looks from other walkers accompanied us out of the car park, we were soon ascending the pitch path that follows Stickle Ghyll, she also takes lots of photographs so the going was slow. When she'd had her fill of waterfalls we followed a very good but little used path away from the gill, ascending in the shadow of Tarn Crag, a play ground for climbers, the path cut back to the gill before reaching Stickle Tarn. With a strong wind whipping the waters of the tarn into a frenzy her preferred route up Jacks Rake looked a little precarious, I let her make the decision, the right one in my opinion, we ascended the steep loose gully to the right of Pavey Ark, the long leg burning climb that followed took us to the summit to enjoy the stunning views that can be had there.

From the summit of Pavey Ark we made our way through a landscape littered with large boulders and tiny pools, on a compass bearing we picked our way to the shallow coll between Loft Crag and Thorn Crag, I call this the Mark Gate route, by far the best way up and down the Langdale Pikes. We descended with stunning views over Great and Little Langdale, high above Raven and Gimmer Crags we traversed with views to a litany of Lakeland giants for company, suddenly the path plunged down Mark Gate to reach the valley floor, all that remained, dinner in Stickle Barn, and a very good meal it was.

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Stickle Ghyll.

Heading up Stickle Ghyll with views to Wetherlam, Side Pike and Pike of Blisco for company.

The rock architecture of Pavey Ark looms above Stickle Ghyll.

Harrison Stickle above Stickle Tarn.

Looking to Wetherlam and the Coniston massif from the outflow of Stickle Tarn.

Dramatic rock scenery in a delectable mountain setting, Pavey Ark and the Jacks Rake ascent.

Sergeant Man's rocky summit dominates the skyline, seen from the cairn that promises an exciting final pull to the summit.

Stunning views over Stickle Tarn, taking in Lingmoor Fell backed by Wetherlam, Great Carrs and Swirl How, with Coniston Old Man just visible through the gap.

Wide skies and stunning views from a grassy saddle half way up the gully, Wetherlam over Side Pike and Pike of Blisco.

Near the summit of Pavey Ark and the weather's closing in around us, under cloud High Raise.

Under a dark blanket of cloud, Fairfield and the ridges leading to Helvellyn.

Breath-taking views down Great Langdale.

Harrison Stickle as seen from near the top of Jacks Rake.

A wonderful winter scene from Pavey Ark.

Above the precipitous cliffs of Pavey Ark viewing Fairfield over Helm Crag.

Magical vistas over Lingmoor Fell, taking in a small slice of Windermere Lake and the Irish Sea, just visible Lingmoor Tarn hangs in the blackness.

Heading through the wild unspoiled landscape guarded by the Langdale Pikes, looking to High Raise now almost free of cloud.

Another stunning view down Great Langdale.

We,ve been slowly traversing a vast tract of rock and water, now on the west side of the plateau the Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell tilt into view.

On the edge of Harrison Combe looking over Langstrath to Allen Crags and the curiously named Glaramara.

Clinging to a reassuring path, looking to Pike of Blisco and little Blea Tarn guarding the pass leading from Great to Little Langdale.

The massive cliffs of Harrison Stickle and Loft Crag severed by the deep ravine of Dungeon Ghyll.

Kirsten soaks up the views over Little Langdale, yes her hair is red.

In shadow Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike seen before the descent of Mark Gate.

Dwarfed by the landscape, Dungeon Ghyll Force.

A final look to the cliffs of Pavey Ark.

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