Over Beetham Fell.

Start. Heron Corn Mill.

Route. Heron Corn Mill - Church Street - Beetham Fell - Fairy Steps - Hazelslack - Storth Road - Underlaid Wood - Beetham Fell - Slack Head - Beetham - Heron Corn Mill.

Notes. A short stroll, I'm nursing a damaged ankle, lets call it a test run, and a delightful one at that. Beetham Fell's had a hair cut, a number two I think, what a surprise an airy walk through what used to be a dense pine plantation, nice to see the sky.

I set out from the Heron Corn Mill car park following a narrow bridleway west, to be deposited in Church Street a few minutes later, this narrow ribbon of tarmac guided me to Beetham. Next to the first house on the right a path ascends through pastures to enter the woodland of Beetham Fell. Once on woodland tracks yellow arrows guided me, passed a ruinous cottage then onto an old coffin road, this I followed to the Fairy Steps, after descending the narrow cleft in the limestone cliff said corps road carried me to Hazelslack with it's farm and ruined peal tower.

A footpath passes behind the tower, this I followed through sheep pastures, after crossing Storth Road another footpath guided me through yet more pastures, this time sandwiched between limestone cliffs and woodland. A stoney lane allowed me to escape the fields only to deposit me in another, this time a finger-post invited me to Beetham Fell, I obliged stepping into woodland once more. With woodland paths under foot I wandered back over Beetham Fell turning left to follow the path I walked in on, then almost immediately right on the path way-marked Slack Head, once in Slack Head I descended over tarmac back to Beetham and the patiently waiting car.

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Near Wood Edge at the start of the path over Beetham Fell.

Through a gap in the trees, Farleton Fell over Beetham.

Passed en route, the ruined cottage in the woods, I've often thought this would be a spooky old place to live, in the woods on the route of a coffin road, it's a small world, it turns out a friend was related to the final occupants, she spent many a school holiday there, and yes it was spooky, very.

En route over Beetham Fell.

Light and airy, the fell's had a bit of a trim.

Above the Fairy Steps looking to Arnside Knott and the Kent Estuary.

The Fairy Steps, ascend without touching the sides and the fairies will grant you a wish.

Seen from the corps road near Hazelslack, the woodland of Beetham Fell.

Hazelslack tower seen from the west.

Beetham Fell seen from near Hazelslack.

These paths leading from Hazelslack to Cockshot Lane are a lot less frequented than most other paths through Silverdale and Arnside, hemmed in by limestone cliffs and mature woodland they make for excellent rambling.

I escaped the fields via this stoney track.

Heading south through Underlaid Wood.

Yew trees and moss coated limestone pavements near Slack Head.

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