Kettlewell to Grassington (a traverse).

Start. Kettlewell.

Route. Kettlewell - Middle Lane - The Green - Crookacre Wood - Highgate Leys Lane (track) - Dales Way - High Pasture - Swinebar Scar - Conistone Pie - Old Pasture - Lea Green - Grassington.

Notes. This was a delightful little walk, not too high, crossing a number of limestone shelves above Wharfedale, we passed several ancient settlements and field systems en route to Grassington, take your time and have a good look around this is a vast tracts of upland once far busier than today. In the middle of a heavy downpour we caught the number 72 bus from Grassington alighting at Kettlewell, this end of the dale turned out to be considerably brighter, for how long?. As it happened the weather gods smiled on us, the next heavy downpour started as we reached the car back in Grassington.

From Kettlewell we followed Middle Lane before turning onto The Green, this short stretch of tarmac lead to the base of the one and only climb of the day, a steep ascent above the banks of Dowber Gill before the path swung south to cross pristine limestone pastures, the walk from here was easy. Striding out through green fields the miles passed quickly, we soon reached Highgate Leys Lane (track) which we descended to access the Dales Way. We then traversed a lower shelf above Swinebar Scar, through ancient field systems left by a long dead farming community, growing larger with every step Conistone Pie, one of Wharfedale's famous landmarks. From this pie shaped outcrop of limestone we carried on along the Dales Way, striding out passing the exit of Conistone Dib, ancient lime ovens and yet more long gone settlements before crossing the final field to step onto the tarmac of Grassington.

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Middle Lane a small slice of Kettlewell.

From the steep ascent above Dowber Gill views over Kettlewell.

Views up Dowbar Gill with Great Whernside across the skyline.

Sue with views over Dowber Gill.

Under a grey cloud the long ridge of Great Whernside.

A hazy Wharfdale seen over Crookacre Wood.

Seen from the approach to Conistone Pie, Kilnsey Crag.

Views north to Gate Cote Scar.

Walkers approach Conistone Pie.

The high skyline of Embsay Moor taken from near Conistone Dib.

Views down Conistone Dib with Malham Moor across the skyline.

Lime Kiln passed en route to Grassington.

Embsay Moor seen from the kiln.

Wonderful examples of limestone pavements found at Lea Green.

And more on the approach to Grassington.

A final look to Embsay Moor before descending to Grassington.

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