Ingleton Waterfalls.

Start. Ingleton (Waterfall Trail car park).

Route. Ingleton - Swilla Glen - Pecca Glen - Pecca Falls - Thornton Force - Raven Ray - Twisleton Hall - Beezley - Beezley Falls -Snow Falls - Ingleton.

Notes. A famous way marked trail along the glens of Ingleton, passing through ancient oak, ash, birch and hazel woodland, beneath spectacular limestone cliffs, all accompanied by the thunder of falling water, this walk does have some spectacular waterfalls, some of the best in the Dales, unfortunately for the lone walker scenery as good as this comes at a price. Not the kind of walk I'd normally do, walking with the crowds doesn't quite have the same appeal as walking alone, sad really but alone you tend to connect with the landscape, you certainly see and hear far more, I took Sue along for moral support.

After paying the entry fee we left the car park on a way marked path heading north following the banks of the River Twiss, traversing Swilla Glen then Pecca Glen, beneath spectacular limestone cliffs before reaching First Pecca Falls followed by Pecca Twin Falls, higher up the valley after the refreshment cabin Thornton Force the most spectacular of all, We followed the path over Raven Ray to reach what was once a Roman road linking Kingsdale and Twisleton Dale, in the footsteps of the Romans we descended to Beezley Farm, here we joined the River Doe for our return journey, more spectacular cascades and cataracts were on view as we descended through Twisleton Glen, finally escaping from the gorge at an old limestone quarry, followed by what once must have been a spectacular kiln, through the next gate we stepped onto the tarmac of Ingleton village.

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The River Twiss as we leave the car park.

The Twiss at Pecca Glen.

Also in Pecca Glen the Penny Tree.

Here is what this trail is all about waterfalls, First Pecca Falls.

A few strides further up the river we have Pecca Twin Falls.

It's a pity you can't photograph noise, it's deafening here, Hollybush Spout.

Thornton Force one of the most well known waterfalls in the Dales, a word of warning, if you have a week bladder, I have, use the loo at the start of the walk, I didn't, all this running water plays havoc with the water works, the trail's always busy and there's knowhere to hide, and we're only just over a mile and a half into the walk.

Sue above Thornton Force, no sign of the drama we've just passed.

Views up stream at Raven Ray.

Descending Twisleton Lane (Roman Road) en route to Beezley, with views to a snow capped Ingleborough.

The River Doe at Beezley Falls.

The waters of the Doe at Triple Spout, at this point the river enters ancient oak woodland, hence the reflection in the rock pool.

Cascades and cataracts as the river tumbles towards Rival Falls.

Rival Falls some of the pools in this section of the river are reputed to be 80ft deep.

Sue soaks up the views from the the viewing bridge high above Baxengyll Gorge, ok if you have a head for heights.

And this is what she's looking at, above and below the bridge the river's cut deep into the bedrock.

The final curtain of water before we leave the confines of the river gorge, looking back to Snow Falls.

On Storrs Common heading to Ingleton, free of the confines of the gorge, viewing Gragarth under a light dusting of snow, top right Wackenburgh Hill leading to Twistleton Scar End.

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