Hardraw Force.

Start. Hardraw.

Route. Hardraw - Green Dragon Inn - Hardraw Force - Green Dragon Inn - Hardraw.

Notes. The walking boots stayed at home today, we decided to have a drive into Yorkshire, grab lunch in a pub en route, maybe take some photos of the Dales under snow, you get the picture. We ended up taking a walk in the footsteps of Wordsworth and Turner, much more recently Kevin Costner in the guise of Robin Hood, striding out up the best garden path in the Yorkshire Dales, the garden belonging to the landlord of the Green Dragon Inn at Hardraw.

The footpath cuts straight through the bar of the Green Dragon, the sign above the door gives the game away. We stopped for lunch before paying a small fee to wander over the hallowed turf. The path followed the waters of Hardraw Beck until the way was blocked by the shear cliffs of Hardraw Scar, here's what we'd paid to see. Hardraw Force drops over 100ft into a plunge pool, the highest single drop waterfall above ground in England, and today swathed in ice, a must see.


Not many landlords can boast this clame to fame, "Innkeeper and Waterfall Provider".

Looking down the gorge to the cliffs of Hardraw Scar.

This is a real winter wonderland.

This is what we paid to see, Hardraw Force.

Looking to the lip of the scar, some of those icicles are easily four foot long.

A truly magnificent sight, especially today all dressed up in it's winter coat.

Sue gives the scene more perspective.

Hardraw Force the highest single drop waterfall in England, if it looks familier, you may have seen the 1991 film by Kevin Reynolds, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, one of the scenes was shot here, a young Kevin Costner bathing under the fall, it was obviously considerably warmer than today.

Wonderful winter scenery down Hardraw Beck.

One last look back before we freeze.

There's a number of footpaths runing under and over Hardraw Scar, unfortunatly the only one safe to walk on for obvious reasons was the one along the edge of the beck.

Viewed from one of two footbridges, Hardraw Beck.

Under grey skies Wether Fell above Hawes.

The Green Dragon, a proper walkers pub.

Hardraw Beck as seen from Hardraw Bridge.

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