Dallam Park and Haverbrack Fell.

Start. Milnthorpe (Old Bridge).

Route. Milnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Ha-ha - Heron Corn Mill - Beetham - Beetham Fell - Fairy Steps - Cockshot Lane - Haverbrack Fell - Crow Wood - Summer House Point - Dallam Park - Milnthorpe Bridge - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. There's something surreal about walking through woodland in the mist, low cloud brings with it silence broken only by bird song high in the tree canopy, today it was the song of the Blackbird, the constant drum of the Woodpecker on an endless hunt for food, and the eerie screech of the Pheasant, at least that's what I told myself it was as I wandered through the woods alone. It's a short walk, one I've done many times but always enjoy, come along I'm afraid the views are limited, we'll get mud on the boots and fresh air in the lungs, sometimes that's all you need.

Old Bridge into Dallam Park marked my starting point, I crossed, way-marked paths ushered me through the deer park, passed the Deer House built in the 18th century, I ascended the next hill to be welcomed by a Ha-ha, a method of walling without spoiling the expanse of the park land. I passed through a kissing gate before descending to the Heron Corn Mill car park. A narrow lane exits the car park heading west, I followed this to access a tarmac lane, I turned left onto said lane then right just before the first house in Beetham village. Through green pastures I ascended before stepping into the woodland of Beetham Fell.

Way-marked paths guided me passed a ruinous cottage then over the fell to the Fairy Steps. The views from above this narrow cleft in the Whin Scar Cliffs were zero today. I turned north to traverse a lesser used trod above the lip of the cliffs, it ejected me onto the main path over the fell. I continued north, just over half a mile of easy rambling carried me to Cockshot Lane where I turned right to join the path ascending Haverbrack Fell. This way-marked route climbs a low ridge, if it wasn't for the trees the views would be extensive, you have to wait for those views a little longer. I escaped the woods via a kissing gate into grey emulsion, I think I'll have to wait until another day for said views. After descending the field I entered Crow Wood, continuing down hill I soon reached the Sandside Road, I crossed to join an old railway line, this in turn allowed access to Summer House Point (not named on the OS map), all that remained, to follow the River Bela back to my starting point.

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Old Bridge once the main route to Sandside.

Low cloud hangs over Dallam Tower.

Ha-ha, a method of walling without ruining the expanse of the park land.

Beetham Fell only just seen from near the Heron Corn Mill.

Moss covered boulders on Beetham Fell.

The old cottage seen from the south.

Climbing into the mist, my route over Beetham Fell.

Beetham Fell's had a bit of a trim, it's nice and airy up here now.

The Bela Channel and the sands of upper Morecambe Bay, seen from Haverbrack Fell.

View taken over Milnthorpe Sands towards Whitbarrow, it's there under cloud believe me, the rather large bird's a Heron.

Timber stacks on the edge of Crow Wood.

Faulshaw Moss seen over Milnthorpe Sands.

Sandside seen from Summer House Point.

Looking to Haverbrack Fell from Summer House Point on the edge of Dallam Park.

Milnthorpe Bridge backed by Dallam Park.

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