Arnside and Silverdale.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Old Boat House - Red Hills Road - High Knott Road - Red Hills Wood - Red Hills - Arnside Knott - Knott Wood - Arnside Tower - Eaves Wood - Castlebarrow - Pepper Pot - Elmslack - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Silverdale - Bottoms Wood - Woodwell - Heald Brow - Fleagarth Wood - Hollins Lane - Slackwood Lane - Leighton Moss - The Trough - Trowbarrow Nature Reserve - Red Bridge - Hawes Water - Silverdale Moss - Black Dyke Road - Arnside.

Notes. I promised myself to keep away from the coast today, and take no photos of the Kent Viaduct at Arnside, easier said than done. A wander through woodland and pasture, the best I could manage for high ground was Arnside Knott. With thunder showers forecast little did I know I'd spend some time cowering in the woods while thunder rattled and rumbled directly overhead, the storm was spectacular so was the amount of water it deposited, well the skin's waterproof and it did clear the air.

I made my way up Arnside Knott via Red Hills Road and High Knott Road, the path through Red Hills Wood guided me to Red Hills, a final pull through the pasture saw me standing on Arnside Knott drinking in splendid views made even better by angry skies. My thirst quenched I descended one of several paths to the south, on reaching the main bridleway from Arnside I turned left, this deposited me at Arnside Tower the start of my ascent of Castlebarrow via Eaves Wood. Way marked paths guided me to an old friend standing proud on Castlebarrow, the Pepper Pot. Pleasantries over I said goodbye to the obelisk overlooking the Silverdale landscape, descending to Elmslack then on to Silverdale Cove via Cove Road, I crossed The Lots to access Silverdale, grabbing some lunch in the village before following way-marked paths to Woodwell.

The first spots of rain fell as I reached Woodwell, pleasant rain cooling the air. A finger-post invited me to Hollin's Lane amongst other possible destinations, I obliged crossing the lane before following field paths over Heald Brow, at the foot of the descent another finger-post welcomed me, it was time to wander over new ground. Fleagarth Wood I'd never set foot in before, it greeted me with the first clap of thunder swiftly followed by torrential rain, even under the tree canopy I was soaked in seconds. I emerged from the woods onto Hollin's Lane looking a feeling like a drowned rat. At the junction with Slackwood Lane this wet rat turned right, descending the hill before squelching my way to Leighton Moss, just past the entrance to the causeway a finger-post announced the start of the path through The Trough. The Trough's a geological fault, a trench if you wish that guided me between limestone walls to Trowbarrow Nature Reserve, once a substantial quarry.

I emerged from the quarry at Red Bridge, the tarmac lane then guided me to sleepy Hawes Water, the jewel in Silverdale's crown. Passed the tarn I wandered with good paths under foot, when the path swung sharp left at the northern end of the tarn I turned right, this path carried me to a tarmac road, directly across the road another path lead to Silverdale Moss then through fields to Black Dyke. From Black Dyke it was a short walk back to Arnside.

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The Grosvenor Memorial at Arnside, erected in memory of Richard Moberly Clayton Grosvenor by his grand parents, a sad start to today's wanderings, the little chap was only 4 his life taken by an appendicitis.

Ascending Red Hills with views over upper Morecambe Bay.

A little higher and the flat top of Ingleborough tilts into view.

Angry skies over South Lakeland.

Eaves Wood seen over Arnside Tower Farm

Humphrey Head as seen over Arnside Park.

Descending Arnside Knott's southern slopes, with extensive views over Silverdale as far as the Bowland Fells.

Standing with my back to Arnside Tower, viewing Arnside Knott.

Sunburst over Arnside Tower.

From Castlebarrow views over Morecambe Bay.

The long finger of Humphrey Head as seen from Castlebarrow.

On the far horizon Hampsfell and the white washed buildings of Grange over Sands, seen from Silverdale Cove.

The pool at Woodwell.

Stolen glimpses on the descent of Heald Brow, Quicksand Pools and the massive arch of the Morecambe coast.

Cowering in the bushes as the storm passes, looking to the sylvan slopes of Warton Crag, blue/grey after the rain.

The Trough, my guide to the delights of Trowbarrow.

Trowbarrow Nature Reserve, a climbers paradise.

The Shelter Stone, Trowbarrow.

Fungi clings for life on this tree trunk near Hawes Water.

Hawes Water the jewel in Silverdale's crown.

Striding out along the edge of Silverdale Moss en route to Black Dyke.

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