A Woodland Ramble.

Start. Silverdale (Stanklet Road)

Route. Silverdale (Stanklet Road) - Scout Wood - Heald Brow - New Road - Crag Foot - Crag Road - Occupation Road - Strickland Wood - Warton Crag - Potts Wood - Warton Small Quarry - Warton - Main Street - Hyning Kiln - Hyning Scout Wood - Yealand Conyers - Peter Lane - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Grisedale - Leighton Moss - Silverdale Golf Course - The Row - Lambert's Meadow - Bottoms Well - Bottoms Lane - Stanklet Road.

Notes. A Woodland Ramble, the reason it was raining, with a fresh green canopy above my head I should stay relatively dry. So don your waterproofs, come take a ramble with me through lush green woodland, we'll have the odd view and the odd soaking, but all in all the sylvan landscape around Silverdale makes a great umbrella.

There's a small lay-by on Stanklet Road near Silverdale Green, from here I was able to wander straight under the tree canopy. Way marked paths carried me through woodland and park land, I opted for the path above the cliffs at Woodwell ignoring the spring and pool, a feature that draws so many visitors. I left the woods via steps and a stile alighting into a tarmac lane, across the lane a finger-post invited me to Heald Brow, I obliged letting field paths guide me over Heald Brow then on across the embankment to Crag Foot, a short ascent over the tarmac of Crag Road followed to gain access to the Occupation Road, this old coach road traverses the lower slopes of Warton Crag, making for an interesting approach route. I ascended the green lane exiting it at the second gate on the right, a well trod path then guided me through vast swathes of coppice woodland alive with Wild Garlic and Bluebells, a short climb saw me pop out onto the rain washed summit of Warton Crag. I intended to descend directly to the south, as this meant battling head on into the wind and rain I opted for the softer option. After stepping back into the woods I followed the right hand fork, descending to a feature locally known as the split rock, you can't miss it. The rock marks another path junction, turning right descending a narrow gully, this gully broadened out into woodland carpeted with yet more Bluebells, on reaching a dry stone wall I turned right, a short walk south lead to Warton Small Quarry, from which I strolled into Main Street to start the short walk to Hyning Scout Wood.

After visiting a tastefully restored lime kiln I rambled on through dripping woodland again carpeted with Bluebells, exiting the woods at Yealand Conyers, misty views to the east greeted me. A short stroll through the village followed before turning left into Peter Lane, I left the lane at a narrow slit stile before ascending Summer House Hill, hazy views welcomed me, I sat in the rain drinking coffee before descending the hill. Guided by the lane to the right of Leighton Hall I descended through Grisedale before crossing Leighton Moss, once free of the confines of the reed beds I wandered south down the tarmac road turning right at the junction with Red Bridge Lane. Passed the railway station I rambled to access a path traversing Silverdale Golf Course, this in turn guided me into The Row, a delightful scattering of dwellings old and modern, here I joined another woodland path leading to Lambert's Meadow, a marshy field alive with cotton grass and various other water loving flora. A short ramble across the meadow followed, I crossed a small wooden foot-bridge before turning left exiting the field at it's southern end next to Bottoms Well, a stoney lane leads from Silverdale Green to the well, this was my guide back to the patiently waiting car.

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The start of today's ramble, an excellent path between The Chase and Sharp's Lot..

Scout Wood above Woodwell en route to Heald Brow.

Wild Garlic on the path edge near Woodwell.

Rain washed views to Heald Brow, seen from the embankment.

Once the main route to Carnforth, the Occupation Road.

Seen from the confines of the Occupation Road, Warton Crag.

On the ascent of Occupation Road I passed this feature, no idea what is was or even is.

Striding through Strickland Wood, with a carpet of blue for company.

Bluebells welcome me to the summit of Warton Crag.

Woodland scene on Warton Crag.

Views taken from the edge of Warton Crag, a wet wind swept Morecambe Bay.

Hazy views over the Lancashire coast, this was to be by descent route, I'll step back into the woods and look for an alternative.

Rambling through a carpet of blue, descending to....

....the Split Rock.

Potts Wood passed through on my descent.

On the edge of Potts Wood looking east.

The lime kiln in Hyning Scout Wood marks the start of....

....another delightful woodland ramble.

I emerge at Yealand Conyers to be greeted by another rain soaked view.

Relaxing in the rain viewing Leighton Moss from Summer House Hill.

Views over Leighton Moss with sylvan Yealand Hall Allotment to the left and Cringlebarrow Wood the right.

Seen over the reed beds of Leighton Moss, Summer House Hill.

In Lambert's Meadow en route to....

....Bottoms Well.

At the end of this track, Silverdale Green and the parked car.

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