A Coastal Walk from Milnthorpe.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Mulnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Milnthorpe Bridge - Sandside - Arnside/Hincaster Railway - Arnside - Station Road - Black Dyke Road - Limestone Link Footpath - Arnside Moss - Hazelslack - Underlaid Wood - Fairy Steps - Cockshot Lane - Haverbrack Fell - Haverbrack - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. It's a bank holiday weekend, the Lakes and Dales will be busy, normally I'd head to the good old reliable Howgills, as I've been forced into a late start I find myself in Milnthorpe, ten minutes drive from home and only ten minutes walk from the coast. Dark clouds fill the sky, drifting to the north of me probably soaking Kendal and the south Lakes, fingers crossed the magnet like attraction I've developed for wet weather of late doesn't pull them in my direction.

I crossed Old Bridge once on the main route to Sandside, now the entrance to Dallam Park, my route followed the River Bela to the estuary, passed the pile of Dallam Tower, along the lane to Milnthorpe Bridge where I crossed the main road to access Summerhouse Point (not named on the map). I continued south, an old railway line then tarmac lane to guide me, once at Sandside I strolled along the sea front avoiding the many fishing rods (the tide was rising, at weekends this short stretch of coast is a Mecca for Anglers). Once Passed the many obstacles I stepped onto the track bed of the extinct Arnside/Hincaster railway line, this made for excellent walking as far as Arnside. Unusual for me I avoided Arnside, turning away from the village following the tarmac surface of Station Road then Black Dyke Road, a finger-post greeted me, inviting the lucky rambler to wander the 14 miles to Kirkby Lonsdale, I left the road stepping onto said path, but only for the couple of miles to the Fairy Steps.

Through cow pastures I wandered (briskly), and sheep fields (leisurely) and yet more cow pastures ( not as brisk as the couple with the dog). Eventually I reached the safety of Underlaid Wood the start of an easy climb to Whin Scar home to the Fairy Steps. Once at the Fairy Steps I turned north, ignoring the main path to Beetham, I let the line of cliffs guide me to the main path over Beetham Fell then along the side of Longtail Wood to reach Cockshot Lane, I turned right then almost immediately left. Yellow arrows now guided me through woodland up Haverbrack Fell (Bank), I escaped the tree cover to be greeted by super views over south Lakeland and upper Morecambe Bay. After descending the hill a dry stone wall to guide me, I stepped onto a tarmac lane, this lane used very occasionally by motor vehicles (just as well it was swarming with pheasants) was most likely once the main route to Sandside, it guided me between ancient hedge rows and tall dry stone walls to Haverbrack, here a finger-post invited me to Milnthorpe. I stepped into Dallam Park for the second time today, on the short walk back to Old Bridge I was forced to brave cows once again, the sheep didn't bother me and the deer scampered as I approached.

An eventful few miles with lots to see, easy walking almost all the way, and lets be honest the beasts in the fields are well used to people in these parts, anyway, tomorrow after milking they will most probably be moved to a different field, follow in my footfall and enjoy.

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Dallam Tower seat of the Wilson family for 400 years.

The River Bela in Dallam Park.

Heversham Head seen across Milnthorpe Sands.

The Lakeland skyline seen from Sandside.

Whitbarrow across the rising waters of upper Morecambe Bay.

Lit by the sun the White Scar cliffs of Whitbarrow.

From the salt marsh north of Arnside views to Haverbrack Fell.

The old Yew Tree marks the start of the Limestone Link Footpath a 14 mile yomp to Kirkby Lonsdale, my guide to the Fairy Steps.

Ruins on Arnside Moss.

One of the dykes draining the moss, alive with flora at this time of year.

Yew trees mark the start of the old coffin route through Underlaid Wood, you'll meet no corpses these days just lots of ramblers.

I've passed this spot many times over the years and never noticed these etchings just south of the Fairy Steps, 19th century graffiti. It turns out William Hutton was the vicar of Beetham Church, seems he liked to leave his mark. I seem to recall reading about a William Hutton from Beetham whom turned out to be quite famous, famous enough to have the village of Hutton Roof named after him, could this be the same W Hutton?.

Another Hutton less legible, the date reads 1925, there's also another out of shot dated 1900, all Hutton's presumably the same family.

I've left the Hutton's behind to enjoy views from the Whin Scar cliffs.

On Haverbrack Fell drinking in stunning views over Milnthorpe to the Howgill Fells....

....and through Lyth Valley to the hills of Lakeland.

The public road through Dallam Park.

Dallam Tower backed by the cliffs of Whitbarrow.

Looking to Milnthorpe Bridge from my descent through Dallam Park.

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