A Circuit from Silverdale including Warton Crag and Summer House Hill.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Shore Road - Lindeth Road - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Crag Foot - Crag Road - Occupation Road - Warton Crag - Occupation Road - Three Brothers - Coach Road - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Grisedale - Leighton Moss - Red Bridge Road - Silverdale Golf Course - The Row - Lambert's Meadow - Burton Well - Silverdale.

Notes. I wasn't intending to go a rambling today, as it was such a nice morning I decided to head to the coast, see where the many paths dissecting the countryside around Silverdale may lead me. My legs were heavy after yesterdays efforts so my route wasn't planned, I'd just follow my nose, if the climbs turned out to be a slog I'd just avoid them.

I parked in Shore Road and made my way along Lindeth Road keeping right at the Wolf House Gallery, I strolled passed Lindeth Tower to reach the entrance to Jack Scout. After wandering through Jack Scout the path carried me round Jenny Brown's Point, passed the Browns Houses and the Smelt Mill chimney to be greeted by a finger-post inviting me to Quakers Stang, I obliged, the path traverses a low embankment, I emerged at Crag Foot. With tarmac under food I ascended Crag Road to join the Occupation Road, this ancient track traverses the shoulder of Warton Crag, I left it at the first gate and stile. My route passed through scrub and gorse, between limestone erratic's and fingers of limestone pavement, a narrow green trod guided me to a stile, I passed through said stile to start the final pull to the summit of Warton Crag, once there I paused for a brew and a chat to other walkers.

I left the summit via the right of two paths, descending to the Occupation Road, once there I stepped onto a permissive path that ushered me to the Three Brothers (glacial erratic's) then on to the Coach Road, I swung north letting the tarmac of the Coach Road guide me passed the entrance to Leighton Hall then on to the path leading to Summer House Hill view point. The views over Leighton Park were extensive today, I sat a while, drank them in before descending. My route took me to the right of the Gothic pile of Leighton Hall, the lane carried me through Grisedale then across the causeway at Leighton Moss, I emerged onto a busy road near the Visitors Centre. I wandered passed the centre to access Red Bridge Road, a right turn saw me walking passed the railway station to access a foot path traversing Silverdale Golf Course, I crossed to enter The Row. From The Row a finger-post announced the start of a short path to Burton Well and the Village (I presume Silverdale village), it guided me via Lambert's Meadow to Burton Well then along a stoney track passed plush houses back into Silverdale, all that remained a short stretch of road walking back to my starting point.

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Views taken from the beach at Silverdale, Sylvan Arnside Park with Hampsfell rising to the left.

The Giants Seat on Jack Scout.

The vast arch of the Lancashire coast seen from near the Giants Seat.

Morecambe and Heysham across the rising waters of Morecambe Bay.

The embankment at Jenny Brown's Point.

The Smelt Mill chimney, also found at Jenny Brown's Point.

Wooded Warton Crag seen from near the Smelt Mill chimney.

Six miles to the northeast, the limestone cliffs and petrified rock of Farleton Fell.

Heald Brow seen from the embankment en route to Crag Foot.

The chimney at Crag Foot, nothing to do with smelting, it was once part of a pump house used to drain the wet lands of Leighton Moss.

Looking to the summit cliffs on Warton Crag.

Seen beyond Jenny Brown's Point the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

The squat towers of Heysham Power station, beyond the flat lands of the Fylde, squint and you can just make out Blackpool Tower.

Spectacular views from the summit Warton Crag.

One of the Three Brothers.

The subject of lime, a kiln on Summer House Hill.

Sitting soaking up views from Summer House Hill, the Gothic pile of Leighton Hall with the Furness Peninsula reaching across the skyline.

On the slopes of Summer House Hill looking to Leighton Moss and Grange-over-Sands.

Grisedale Farm backed by Cringlebarrow Wood.

The reed beds, Leighton Moss.

Lambert's Meadow.

Burton Well one of several in the Silverdale and Arnside Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The track back to Silverdale.

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