A Circuit from Silverdale including, Jenny Brown's Point and Eaves Wood.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Lindeth Road - Wolf House Gallery - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Heald Brow - Woodwell - The Chase - Silverdale Green - Bottoms Lane - Eaves Wood - Castlebarrow - Pepper Pot - Elmslack - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. A short ramble today, a wander without breaking into a sweat, in the company of my better half Sue I find myself at Silverdale. We stocked up with food from the local store before heading to the coast, a picnic on the cards. The one obstacle en route the Wolf House Gallery, once we'd negotiated that the day turned into an enjoyable ramble in the sun.

Lindeth Road guided us out of Silverdale, my walking partner decided a visit to the Wolf House Gallery was appropriate, I went through the motions just to keep the peace. From the gallery we followed the lane passed Gibraltar Farm and Lindeth Tower to access Jack Scout. Owned by the National Trust Jack Scout is a lovely place to while away a few hours, flower-studded pastures give way to a rocky headland, secret ways lead down to rocky coves, and there's a Giants Seat, just half an hour into our walk but what better place to have lunch.

We sat ages drinking coffee, soaking up views over a tide filled Morecambe Bay. We left via coastal paths heading in the direction of Jenny Brown's Point. Round the point we wandered, passed the Browns Houses and smelt mill chimney, all that remains of a copper smelter dating from the 1700s. On reaching a crossroads we turned left, up hill, a steep ascent of Heald Brow followed earning us the right to enjoy easy field walking. Fields gave way to a narrow lane which in turn guided us to the path leading to Woodwell.

From the spring and pool at Woodwell a finger-post invited us to The Green, we obliged, a short hands on ascent of Woodwell Cliff followed by a delightful ramble through woodland and meadow, we emerged at The Chase, a short lane leading to Silverdale Green. This is believed to be the original village of Silverdale, before Victorian industrialists arrived building country piles, an escape from the pandemonium of the industrial revolution. A finger-post pointed the way to the Church of St John, we followed said path through the lovely little hamlet and into open pastures.

Through pastures we rambled, the path followed the boundary wall eventually ejecting us into Bottoms Lane, we turned left, with tarmac under foot we strolled on passed the cemetery to the junction of Park Road and Bottoms Lane, opposite the road junction a path allows access to Eaves Wood. There's one place I always visit when in Eaves Wood, it acts like a magnet, drawing walkers to the summit of Castlebarrow Hill, The Pepper Pot, today was no exception. Between the plantings of Victorian entrepreneurs, over the surface of way marked paths, through delightful woodland we made our way to the Pepper Pot, sat and finished our lunch. From the limestone summit of Castlebarrow we turned west, a dry stone wall guided us to a much wider path, this in turn ushered us to Elmslack to be greeted by a finger post, an invitation to The Cove, we followed said path between the exclusive properties of Elmslack soon emerging onto Cove Road. A short walk over tarmac followed before passing through the gate allowing access to Silverdale Cove. From the cove a path ascends above Red Rake then across The Lots, a perfect end to a easy ramble through the woodland and grassland of Silverdale.

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The Wolf House seen from Gibraltar Farm.

Lindeth Tower, Elizabeth Gaskell, prominent Victorian author holidayed in Silverdale, at that time Lindeth Tower was a summer house adjoining the farmhouse where she stayed.

Limestone outcrops on Jack Scout with views over Morecambe Bay.

The Giants Seat, as soon as I get my bag off we'll be dining.

Wonderful views over a tide filled Morecambe Bay.

The coastal path through Jack Scout gifts the lucky rambler with views to the vast arch of the Lancashire coast.

Views over the ragged edge where limestone cliffs give way to the salt water of the Irish Sea, and the hills of Lakeland look oh so close.

Adventures for another day, Clougha Pike seen from the approach to Jenny Brown's Point.

High tide at Jenny Brown's Point.

All that remains of a copper smelter at Jenny Brown's Point, a monument to a past way of life.

Seen over Quicksand Pools sylvan Warton Crag.

In the late 1700s this channel was deep, allowing shipping to dock at this small jetty, cargo would be loaded and unloaded to be shipped to similar little quays around the bay.

Coastal erosion, when I first visited Jenny Brown's Point many moons ago it was possible to leap across this channel., sadly not today.

In pastures above Heald Brow looking to Arnside Knott.

The spring at Woodwell....

....and pool, once supplied the residents of Silverdale and their animals with fresh water.

Sue ascends Woodwell Cliff.

A delightful slice of Silverdale Green.

Viewing Eaves Wood.

From Castlebarrow Hill, home to the Pepper Pot stunning views over a shimmering Morecambe Bay.

Ascending Red Rake from Silverdale Cove.

Silverdale Cove as seen from Red Rake.

The long finger of Humphrey Head seen over the fishermen's cottages overlooking Silverdale Bay.

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