A Circuit from Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Lindeth Road - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Crag Foot - Stoney Wood - Hermitage Wood - Peter Lane - Peter Lane Kiln - Summer House Hill - Leighton Hall - Grisedale - Yealand Storrs - Yealand Hall Allotment - Hawes Water - Gait Barrows - Chellan Hall Allotment - Silverdale Moss - Black Dyke Road - Arnside - New Barns - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Holgates - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. My first visit to Arnside and Silverdale this year, I thought I'd stretch the legs, put the miles in, see what of interest I could show you. The weather gods smiled down on me, Silverdale welcomed me with sunshine and scudding cloud, later the rising tide would bring wind and rain, later when I was heading back to the shelter of the car.

My day started wandering over the tarmac surface of Lindeth Road, avoiding the muddy beach and after last nights rain, a slippery cliff top path. When the road turned sharp left I joined the single track lane leading to Jenny Brown's Point, a wander through delightful Jack Scout followed before reaching the point itself, after passing the Browns Houses and Smelt Mill Chimney I wandered on to the embankment, this short section of high ground conveyed me across Quaker's Stang (salt marsh) depositing me at Crag Foot with it's hallmark pump house chimney. I left Crag Foot guided by muddy paths, ascending first through woodland (Stoney Wood) then pastures, between limestone scars I strolled before passing through Hermitage Wood to reach Peter Lane. I crossed the lane to continue through limestone pastures, after passing Peter Lane Kiln a rather tall wall marked a change of direction, I turned left (north), the wall guided me back to Peter Lane where I stepped onto the path ascending Summer House Hill. I usually spend some time at the view point, the views are quite special, benches make for a comfy brew stop, not today. With a bitter wind whipping in across the bay, I made a sharp exit, down the hill towards the Gothic pile of Leighton Hall, the tarmac lane passing to the right of the hall guided me to a path junction, the field path leading through Grisedale to Yealand Storrs, (the second way marked path on the right) was my chosen route.

Via the woodland of Yealand Hall Allotment and the cow pastures above Gait Barrows I made my way to Hawes Water, a true gem in Silverdale's crown, after a quick brew I turned my back on the tarn, heading north through the woodland of Gait Barrows, alighting from the tree cover onto the Silverdale/Arnside road, a finger-post invited me to Silverdale Moss and Black Dyke, I obliged letting an ancient track guide me. Through yet more woodland I rambled (Chellan Hall Allotment), followed by field paths skirting the edge of Silverdale Moss, I emerged onto Black Dyke Road where I decided to let the tarmac surface lead tired legs and aching feet into Arnside. Time for another refreshment stop, I sat a while, forced to move only by the first drops of winter rain, south along the fore shore I walked, a sense of urgency now in my step, along the edge of Grubbins Wood, passed New Barns before rounding Blackstone Point, I crossed the sands at White Creek then ascended to the cliff top path at Park Point. I wandered through Far Arnside then across the fields to Holgates, with tarmac under food I strolled passed Silverdale Cricket Field to access Cove Road, said road guided me to The Cove where I ascended to The Lots, the beginning of a short walk back through pastures to Silverdale.

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This restored lime kiln that welcomed me to Jack Scout.

From the Giants Seat stunning views over Morecambe Bay.

Marking the highest point on Jack Scout, the Giants Seat.

Another stunning view over the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

Looking to the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands and the wooded slopes of Hampsfell.

The Embankment at Jenny Brown's Point....

....stretches over a mile into the bay, the remains of a Victorian engineering project to re-claim vast tracts of land from the sea, originally planned to stretch from Jenny Brown's Point to the slag heaps at Carnforth, over 4½ miles to the south.

Heavy weather sweeps across the Lancashire coast.

The Brown's Houses complete with re-claimed ships timber roof supports.

The Smelt Mill Chimney at Jenny Brown's Point, thought to have been used as a copper smelter, the chimney is considered to have been built in the 1790s when copper was in great demand.

Grey on the far horizon, Farleton Fell with the woodland of Grisedale to the right.

Seen over the salt marsh, sylvan Warton Crag.

Originally built to provide lime mortar for the building of the Tower of London, Peter Lane Kiln.

Some maps call this a cairn, others a tumuli, it's actually the remains of a Gothic summer house built by the owners of Leighton Hall.

Seen from the viewpoint on Summer House Hill, Leighton Hall, Leighton Moss and grey/blue on the horizon the Furness peninsula.

My next port of call, sylvan Yealand Hall Allotment.

Views taken from the fields of Grisedale.

A small slice of Gait Barrows.

In the fields above Gait Barrows, dominating the skyline, Arnside Knott.

A place to linger, Hawes Water.

Ruin in the woods, found in Back Wood accessed off Coldwell Lane, I can't for the life of me find out anything about this structure, it looks very much like a wheel house, It may have something to do with Leighton Forge but equally may not, please feel free to get in touch and fill in the blanks.

Whitbarrow as seen from the sea front at Arnside.

One of many such structures found around the bay, these large cut stones are all that remain of the short jetty at Blackstone Point, once used by ships transporting iron stone, mined in Arnside Park for smelting at various locations around Morecambe Bay.

Park Point seen from White Creek.

At Silverdale Cove looking to Red Rake, once tunnelled for copper and hematite.

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