A Circuit from Silverdale.

Start. Silverdale (Stankelt Road).

Route. Silverdale - Silverdale Green - Silverdale Park - Bottom's Lane - Eaves Wood - Waterslack Wood - Middlebarrow Quarry - Middlebarrow Wood - Black Dyke - Black Dyke Road - Arnside - New Barns - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Park Point - Far Arnside - Holgates - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Shore Road - Silverdale.

Notes. I found myself in Silverdale by default today, my darling daughter's attending a craft fair in Morecambe, Sue volunteered me to do the driving, as I didn't fancy hanging round Morecambe for four hours I drove back to Silverdale. This was going to be a level walk, no hills my legs and more worrying knees are still aching from two days in the Lakeland hills, yes a level walk to help clear the lactic acid from my muscles.

I parked at Silverdale Green, a lay-by on Stankelt Road, I crossed said road to access the narrow lanes of Silverdale Green, A finger-post next to the village notice board invited me to the Church of St John, I obliged. Through sheep pastures I wandered, letting field boundaries guide me towards Eaves Wood, at the far edge of the field I ignored the path to the church turning right to pass through a narrow gate, this path deposited me in Bottom's Lane. A short walk over tarmac followed before another finger-post found at the junction of Bottom's Lane and Park Road announced I'd reached one of the many paths into Eaves Wood. Once in the wood I turned right, a good path guided me east to a finger-post, Car Park or Waterslack, it was the latter for me, when the path swung north I ignored two paths branching off to my right, these go to Waterslack, my route was to the vast scar of the disused Middlebarrow Quarry. Once at the quarry I continued along the edge of the railway line. Through Middlebarrow Wood I wandered to be greeted by yet another finger-post, my chosen route followed the Black Dyke arrow, with the railway for company I wandered through sheep pastures to access a narrow muddy path passing along the edge of Hagg Wood, this path lead into a small meadow then onto Black Dyke Road, with the tarmac surface under foot I strolled into Arnside, my mission to grab some dinner.

Fed and watered I wandered down the estuary, the sand was uncharacteristically hard, after rounding New Barns and Blackstone Point I opted to cross the beach, not always advisable, today it made for excellent walking, I re-joined the main path just after Park Point. Along the edge of Arnside Park I walked, passing through Far Arnside to access field paths leading to Holgates, from Holgates it was a short walk over tarmac to Cove Road, once at Silverdale Cove I ascended the path leading through The Lots, this path was busy, crowds of people enjoying the late afternoon sun. After passing through a wicket gate I alighted onto Shore Road, turning left then climbing the hill to reach Stankelt Road, all that remained, a short walk back to Silverdale Green.

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Eaves Wood seen over Silverdale Park.

Looking to Farleton Fell only six miles to the northeast.

The houses of The Row as seen from Wood Edge.

The main trod through Eaves Wood.

The subject of limestone, the massive scar of the disused Middlebarrow Quarry.

Striding out across the fields of Arndale, looking to the scree and woodland of Arnside Knott.

Hampsfell as viewed from Arnside.

The scene across upper Morecambe Bay, Latterbarrow and the limestone cliffs of Whitbarrow with Red Screes dominating the the horizon.

Gazing at Frith Wood, wondering if it's safe to walk across New Barns Bay, it was on this occasion but it wasn't me who attempted it.

On display. the scar of the Sandside Quarry and the Kent Viaduct, seen from New Barns Bay.

Viewing Meathop Fell across the Kent Channel.

View taken from Blackstone Point.

The landscape of Morecambe Bay.

On display, Park Point and the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay.

The aspect over Silverdale Bay, taking in Know End Point and the hills of Bowland.

The prospect west, along the jagged edge where Arnside Park meets the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

A wonderful panorama from the edge of Arnside Park.

Arnside Knott pictured from Holgates.

The cave at Silverdale Cove with views to Grange-over-Sands.

Silverdale on view from The Lots.

Seen from the path through The Lots, sylvan Arnside Park and Hampsfell.

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